Wagwan Wednesday

Like seriously, what is going on?

Man, it’s been an interesting couple of weeks, albeit very frustrating. My car developed more mechanical problems, it’s been 1 month and a week since it got hit and my heart broke. I keep telling people not having my car is worse than heartbreak. I hate having to depend on people and basically having no say as to where I go, and having the luxury of coming and going as i please. I am forever in the mercy of other people :-/

But my people have really come through for me, coming to pick me up or dropping me home. I do not exactly live within the city so this kinda is a big deal so i get really touched whenever that happens. I dont think they get it when all i can say is thank you, i wasnt exactly stingy with giving people rides, but this experience has definitely made resolve to be even more gracious when it comes to giving guys lifts and stuff.

2014 has definitely been the year for making new friends, maintaining them, and the old ones is just another story altogether.

I have lost touch with some people, for some it’s good riddance, while for other’s i am just waiting to run into them and confront them about it because yes, sometimes i can be a drama queen.

When it comes to persons of interest, it definitely has been filled with lots of plot twists that I never ever saw coming. It’s been fun I must admit, interacting with different people. Sometimes I cannot help but wonder if I changed or they just got a set of brand new eyes. I think it’s the latter though, I am still the same old clueless girl it seems.

I do feel like I am smarter this year in comparison to most years. I know what I want, and what I do not want. I am also encountering a lot of honesty and people being upfront which makes this hella easier for me.

Last year at a time like this,  things happened, at a fast pace. I got hurt, but dusted myself off and went back to my good old place hopefully wiser

This year, albeit some weird things happening, I hope I do not go down the same road once again. Above everything else, I am still guarding my heart for it is the well spring of my life.

Here’s to me getting a clue, recognizing the signs that everybody else seems to see except from me, staying out of trouble, being wise enough not to repeat my mistakes, the courage to embrace change and just to continue being happy go lucky.



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