5: Things you want to say to an ex

So do i say this to my actual exes, or to the exes I never actually dated? Yeah we live in a world where this means 2 different things but sadly, in both cases you will get hurt one way or the other. I guess it’s how deep the cut is that varies.

Never cry for someone who hurts you, just smile and say “thanks for giving me a chance to find someone better than you.”

Here are just some random thoughts I would say to some of them, in my head because such conversations are never going to go down in the foreseeable future.

  • Thank you for teaching me so much about myself. Every moment we shared was a lesson, which thankfully unlike memories do not fade away as fast.
  • I wish you nothing but joy and happiness, even if it is clearly without me, I think you still deserve it.
  • He tastes like you but even sweeter..
  • I have always wondered, what was the glass shattering moment for you? think HIMYM
  • We are both 2 very different people now, you are not the person I used to know, and you have no idea who I am now. Live your life and I will live mine.
  • Have a good life.

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