4: Bullet your whole day

Here’s a run through of this Monday

  • Woke up at 5:25am
  • Showered and dressed
  • Got a whatsapp from booboo
  • Left the house at 5:55am
  • Got to the petrol station at 6:30am, washed my car and put petrol.
  • Bought breakfast at the petrol station shop
  • Got to work at 7:00am, sat in the car listening to gmoney until 7:15am
  • Got to my desk, switched on the computer.
  • Read my emails, and surfed the web.
  • 9:00am to 11:00am was in my weekly status meetings
  • Caught up with the emails and missed phone calls from Noon.
  • Had lunch at my desk while i worked, i had a veggie salad and a banana.
  • Leaving the office to go shop for some work stuff
  • Hoping to get back to the office by 5pm.
  • Will catch up on work that i have missed.
  • Was hoping to go shopping at the mall, I am in desperate need of a lot of things.
  • I will go home, watch tv, then sleep


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