1. Five ways to win my heart

Isn’t this the same thing as qualities I look for in a man? Which is a question I always say I cannot stand because it is usually asked by someone who may be interested, and may not necessarily possess those qualities.

This guy though made me really want to think about what exactly it is that I want, and what I have to offer.

Here are my 5:

  1. Take the time to get to know who i am, dont judge me by what people have said about me or by whatever generalizations you may have about women.
  2. Accept me for who i am wholly an completely, but still, teach me new things and help me grow.
  3. I like good conversation. Make me think, make me laugh, engage me, challenge my world view, laugh at my jokes, freak me out with your intensity, dont hold yourself back, and make me open up to you.
  4. Win my body and you may get a ticket straight to my heart. I dont like selfish lovers.
  5. If you are a nice person, who is good to people (myself and my loved ones included) with a warm heart and a lovely personality. Aren’t our hearts intrinsically drawn to goodness?

I just came up with these now, they may change seeing that i havent had enough time to think about this properly.

If you think you fit this description, hala 😉


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