This has been the most entertaining week on the internets ever! From Solange giving Jigga that beat down, to the biggest catfish in KOT history, yall never sleep it seems.

It’s been a while since we last did this, I hope I can make it good for ya 🙂

I am excited about

I was so sick last weekend so i spent it in bed, but tonight, tomorrow I am taking my social life back!


This could be us but you playing

This could be us but you playing

Today I Am Feeling

still not a hundred percent, but i am hoping I will be a clean bill of health by tomorrow.

Today’s Funky Friday Theme Song Is

I first watched Elani perform way back in 2009 when Eric Wainaina used to have his weekly shows at that club in Museum Hill whose name I cannot remember. Now they are the hottest band around and it’s good to see that their hard work has paid off. I really need to get my hands on their new album, I love the few songs i have heard from it.

I am craving

a nice chilled glass of rose, but i’m on meds :-/ Tomorrow is another day..

I wish

the Kenyan government would stop coming up with laws on the spot that do not make sense. My car has tint, but not the reflective kind, which i will not remove. So to be safe i have printed our IG Kimaiyo’s tweets, dare anyone arrest me!

I hope

I wont get arrested 🙂

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is


Have A Fab Friday 🙂




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