The ex and the why plus other stories

There was a show like that on MTV and I was like ‘that would make such a good blog post title.’

Lately my ex files have been showing up in my life for some reason. Thank God they arent many, I dunno how some of you survive with many exes. I find it difficult managing just my 2 of them.

I dont regret dating them, because essentially my experiences with them played a part in making me who I am today. But sometimes there are somethings they do that make me wonder what I was thinking.

It is hard being non promiscuous in this life and times where sex rules everything around us. Some of the things I have been asked by some men really make me wonder. Is it that they are really ballsy, or they made the same request to some lady somewhere who was only too willing?  Because it is honestly quit absurd, yet somehow entertaining.

It’s sad that this year I have been asked for sex more than I have been asked out on a date. Actually, to be honest, i havent been asked out on a date. I have been asked for sex, threesomes, hardworking sex because i told him i dont do casual sex, someone was offering to take me to malindi, vipingo ridge, dubai *rolls eyes*.

I dont have casual sex. A fact that many men do not seem to understand. They keep singing about ‘these hoes aint loyal’ without knowing that hoes are only loyal to themselves and owe nobody their loyalty. Women are however very loyal to the men who are worthy.

I do expect loyalty before I give myself to you. I honestly will not spread my legs to somebody undeserving. Is it too much to ask that at least I get to know you and the type of person you are beforeI let you penetrate me?

I speak for myself when I say some experiences never leave you.  Especially experiences as intimate as sex. Those need to count, maybe they should even mean something, not just an added notch on someone’s belt.

Lately i keep on saying how Nairobi is shrinking. Everybody is everyone elses ex. You look at a person and think of the number of people they have slept with, and how if you went down that road you would be added to that number and God forbid catch whatever one of those people had.

Let’s talk about condoms, have they run out of style? Is hitting it raw the new fad? Perhaps we need condom machines in the bathrooms or something. Maybe people are just embarrassed about buying them, or they are broke I dunno.

Sadly I have reached that point where I believe there are 2 types of men out there.  The ones who pretend to be that dream guy you have always wanted, then bounce after they get what they want. And the ones who tell you straight up that they just want to fuck you. I still have not come up with a winning formular for how to screen these men. Lord knows how I will find the good men once I come across them. Sadly they will have to go through the same screening process.

It probably isnt a good idea to play hard to get in this day and age where men have so many options. They really have no time for that. But regardless, some of us dont even play, we just are hard to get. You go chase the easy skirts and keep calling every woman a hoe just coz you got some without hardly making an effort. When you actually find someone who you would kill for, you will regret all those years you wasted not practising the chase.

4 thoughts on “The ex and the why plus other stories

  1. Preach!!!! I hear you girl and as for the condoms there is no excuse UNAIDS and a host of other organizations provide them for free so no excuses for the broke lol But on a serious note people are not even scared of diseases these days eish *shudders*

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