1st of the month

But on the 6th…



April Highlights

It feels like this month just flew right by.

I did some long overdue trips in the outskirts of Nairobi to meet with my grown up friends who have left the nest unlike some of us. It is quite amazing how I feel like I am exactly the same but with added kilos and maybe owning an asset or two :p

I went for Koroga at the beginning of the month and got to see freshly ground live and direct. They performed for almost 2 whole hours, it was nothing short of epic.

Easter was very laid back to say the least. I got to fulfill some silly things in my bucket list like having my coyote ugly moment on top of a bar 🙂

One of my bffs was around for Easter, it was nice having her around even if I only saw her thrice, we definitely had fun. It’s never a dull moment with her. Come home for good already.

I convinced my friend to throw a BBQ for us, we had a fun afternoon indulging in nyama, rose, sheesha and awesome convo.

Got to hang out with Booboo for the last few times before he started his new journey. I need to be paid for friendship services, that is all I will say.

Discovered some new spots to hang out now that for some reason Nairobi has just become uber boring.

I graduated 🙂

Who else has noticed people are more philanthropic these days? I am definitely loving this.

That moment when you feel nothing for situations that would otherwise drive you nuts? That was a highlight for me.

April Downsides

I have lost touch with some people. It bothers me, it doesnt seem to bother them, so you know what I do? Just keep it moving.

Saying goodbye to my friends, I think I got accustomed to it.

Nothing worse than realizing that despite having earned someones trust, they still dont trust you.

Ex Files, it’s like they share a memo to appear at the same time, all the damn time smh.

Getting caught up in other people’s drama, I really cannot stand this rubbish. I am single for a reason, and it aint to languish in other people’s domestics smh

April Discoveries

Too much information is a bad thing.

Life is a 2 way street. You get what you give.

You dont deserve me if you only realized my worth after I removed you from my life.

I may talk about wanting a sponsor a lot, but the truth of the matter is, if money is all you have to bring to the table, i can do bad all by myself.

You can actually get what you want, and once you get it, it is scary and exhilarating at the same damn time.

What I Am Looking Forward To In May

It’s been a great month thus far, been meeting some very interesting people, plus there’s so much going on. I definitely know it will be a good one.

I hope I will manage to go back to regularly blogging, fingers crossed.


How was April for you? What are you looking forward to in May?




2 thoughts on “1st of the month

  1. April was hectic but like new things happened, good things so yeah we give thanks 🙂 I am looking forward to finishing my exams in May, being school-free for 2months and hello summer.. So ready for you. Hurry along already. I wish you a great month Nkirdizzle. It can only get better. And I hope the new career path is looking fine so far

    • All the best in your exams Nymmoh 🙂 Any plans for summer vacay?
      It’s been great so far, though i am still doing a lot of learning.

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