A funeral and a wedding

silence ageordinary


The past 2 weeks have been hectic, and that is an understatement even, so I barely had time to blog, though these pics above were part of a post I had been attempting to write.

I think the best way to sum it up is a very big emotional roller coaster, so many happy and yet incredibly sad moments.  My week started off with a funeral on Monday and ended with a wedding on Saturday.

Here are just a few things that stood out for me:

  • I am truly blessed beyond measure, this is something I need to be more appreciative of.
  • Even my worst day cannot compare to some situations that other people are in, although it’s not good to compare, this fact just has to be acknowledged.
  • Always have a plan B.
  • Not everything is personal.
  • Not everybody gives a damn.
  • People in this world can be so selfish.
  • Always look out for number 1, simply because when you are busy looking out for others, nobody has your back.
  • I cannot always be the bigger person, so if some ish is bothering me, I will give it time and hope I get over it.
  • Massage chairs are everything!!!
  • My friend really embodies the term ‘Blushing Bride’.
  • I’ve been having some qualms about some friendships, which has made me realise I really need to be a better friend to the people who do matter.
  • Nothing sucks as much as watching a coffin being lowered into the ground.
  • Write a will, you never know when you will kick the bucket.
  • No matter how hot you look, once you are knee deep in the sibling zone, you can never find your way out :p
  • Pretty hurts.
  • I thought I was a crier, till I saw my friends weep at the wedding.
  • I am blessed with amazing parents.
  • Photos for government documents have no filter and they dont let you smile! I am destined to look horrid in all my legal documents.
  • That awkward moment when you see your instagram follower that you have never met in real life, then ignore..
  • I need to stop oversharing.


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