Thank God It’s Friday!!!

Finally I can catch up on my sleep!! Yay to the weekend!

I am excited about

diplo, if i do decide to go, and curious to see what my boy got me for my birthday, he claims he has a gift for me -_-

Today I Am Feeling

soooo sleeepy.

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

your choice, tell me what song you are currently digging.

This Weekend I

hope i will get to buy my cat from KSPCA, birthday gift 🙂

I am craving

a spoon.

I wish

there were more days to the weekend, 2 just isnt enough.

I hope

traffic wont be so bad today.

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

I dont have one today, too lazy to find one, blame the itis..

Have A Fantastic Friday!!!



7 thoughts on “TGIFridays!!!

  1. Hi nkiro. I just finished reading all your posts from way back in 2009. I love all the posts by the way. I have taken one whole month I think. Not sure exactly when I stumbled on it from savvy kenya’s guest post. Been reading in the mornings and evenings to and from work every day on my phone. Keep up the good work.
    Did u ever get to visit githurai? I live there. Could give u a tour….

      • Yeah. The posts were very entertaining and informative. Especially informative. Got to know about hump day…. Hehe. Now I think I will look for scandal. It has a ranking of 8 on imdb. Wow. I hope its not a chick flick (I am a guy).
        I love that girl from django….
        My offer still stands by the way….

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