Nairobi Restaurant Week: Day 2 – Sierra Brasserie

My friend took me out to dinner at Sierra last night situated at the Yaya Center Shopping Mall, on 2nd floor. It’s a lovely restaurant, I do not know why everywhere I go seems to be perfect locations for dates. It has two floors, so there is plenty of space inside, and sitting space outside on the balcony as well.

The Sierra #NRW menu seemed very appetizing, check it out here. I like how most of the menus also incorporate vegetarian dishes, though they should have also included gluten free desserts on there as well.


All participating restaurants are giving away a free copy of Up Magazine, and this month’s edition is quite interesting. They have showcased all the hotels and restaurants participating in #NRW, and have some interesting articles on wine, cheese, restaurant reviews etc.

For my starter I had Pea and mint soup – grilled bacon, bacon cream, garlic croutons. I forgot to take a picture of the soup, but it was very creamy with a light green hue, garnished with grilled bacon and a small leaf of parsley. The soup was delicious, and I loved the chunks of toasted bread in it.


For my main course I had a healthy portion of Slow cooked pork belly with ginger red wine reduction, creamed potatoes, and crispy onions. Like I said in the previous post, I really expected a smaller portion so I was really happy to get this. The pork was done well, and the top had this delicious crunch. The veggies were cooked just how I liked them, crunchy and not overly done. The mashed was soft and yummy, went very well with the pork. I’m not a fan of onions, but these crispy ones were everything. The meal was excellent, I actually couldn’t clear my plate because of how full I was.

Finally for dessert I had Sticky date pudding with vanilla, rum caramel, vanilla fudge ice cream. The presentation was amazing, I wish I took a picture. It was a square piece of cake floating on the rum caramel with a scoop of ice cream placed next to it, garnished with a piece of caramelized sugar on the top. It tasted divine.

The food was awesome, the only thing I had qualms about was that the fire alarm went off while we were there, and after everything our country has been through I kinda freaked out. Apparently the fire alarm has problems so it keeps going off, they really need to get it checked. We also experienced black outs twice, their generator takes a minute or 2 to start up. I guess we really cannot blame Sierra but Yaya itself for not maintaining the building properly.

Overall, if you are participating in Nairobi Restaurant Week, I definitely recommend Sierra.


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