Nairobi Restaurant Week: Day 1 – Mediterraneo ~ 9west

I went to Mediterraneo last night for my cousin’s birthday dinner. 9 West is the new snazzy building at the Westland’s roundabout near Sarit Center, it was my first time there and I loved the place.

The ambiance is amazing, and I loved the decor as well. This is definitely an ideal place for a date for all those with significant others.


The first thing that stood out was this scooter mounted on the wall, such a thing of beauty.


This bicycle vase is mounted on the wall of the Ladies bathroom, so creative. One thing that confused me though, the bathroom signs there say L and G. First thing that came to mind was Ladies and Girls tihihihi. When did using the normal boy and girl stick figures for bathroom signs become so mainstream?!! I’ve noticed in other hotels as well, with pictures of shoes, and African people, it’s just weird and confusing.

So just before I was about to make my order, I was on my phone as usual and I noticed my friend had posted food pictures on instagram from Mediterraneo as well. View their menu here.


dessert, main course and the starter

Looks amazing doesn’t it? So of course I decided to order the same thing, and look what I got.

Sweet & sour “baroque” sicilian caponata, grilled jumbo prawn’s tail and spicy chocolate sauce

Sweet & sour “baroque” sicilian caponata, grilled jumbo prawn’s tail and spicy chocolate sauce

My prawn was not jumbo at all. Scroll up and look at his starter, then look at this! I was so disappointed. The round thing turned out to be a mountain of veggies after I demolished it looking for more meat. It tasted good, but I was really played when it came to the prawns.


Pork fillets mignons, wrapped in italian bacon, grilled and served with spicy honey and sautéed broccoli florets

I was even more disappointed when I was presented with this. The fillet’s were so small, plus I didnt get any mash potatoes like my friend did up there. Anyway, the pork fillet was soft and tender, very well flavoured especially when paired with the honey dipping sauce in the bowl you see there. The broccoli was also very well done. The food was good but the presentation was disappointing.

At first I thought the portions were quite small, but I was full by the time I was done with the main course, which was a surprise to me.

For dessert, I had icecream cake which was the pleasant surprise of the evening.

Icecream Cake

Icecream Cake

The icecream was hazel nut which happens to be one of my best flavors, and it had big chocolate chunks inside of it, and a very lovely moist cake base. The chocolate sauce was amazing and I loved the caramel sprinkled next to it with the nuts in it. By the time I was done with this dessert, I was stuffed!

Overall, the food there tasted really good, but I think Mediterraneo should work on uniformity across their branches.

This experience also made me wonder about the portions for all the restaurants participating in Nairobi Restaurant Week. I have definitely lowered my expectations for the next places I will visit.


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