1st of the month


On to your marks ..

I Love February, this is the month I can make any dream come true 🙂

January Highlights

I ushered in the new year with friends in Mombasa, and I honestly had an epic time.

People have been sufficiently philanthropic this month, which was awesome seeing that I was brokest.

I’ve been hanging out with some new friends and it’s been so much fun because we’ve been doing stuff out of my norm. Mostly house plans and house parties.

I went for blankets and got to meet J Something of Mi Casa, he is sooo yum!! Mi Casa and Mafikizolo gave a stunning performance.

I celebrated my birthday last week, I had a ball for majority of what I remember :p

We went for Annie Soul and Wambura Mitaru in concert, those women can sang!

January Downsides

My car problems never tire.

High expectations which eventually led to disappointments.

January Discoveries

cudiNew friends are awesome.

Old friends are just as amazing, I appreciate all the love surrounding me.

You think you know but you have no idea.

What I Look Forward To In February

Nairobi Restaurant Week

My friend’s wedding 🙂

Pay day

How was your January? What are you looking forward to in February?



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