26 things to ponder about: Advise from me to me

This being my last day as a 26 year old and the last time I will ever utter my real age forever and ever I thought it would be a good idea to maybe list down a few things which I need to change or be keen on on the eve of my new year.

  1. I should probably write more life experiences, be more funny? I blame this blog and it’s funny stories. I really am suffering from writers envy because I was thoroughly entertained. It’s always cool discovering new blogs, especially interesting ones. Definitely inspired to do better.
  2. Let things go. Dont carry dead weight. Keep it moving.
  3. My job requires me to be very patient, this is a virtue which I am still trying to nurture. I told a friend of mine how I pray for patience but I dont think my prayers were being answered because I never felt like I was being a patient person. She told me that God was answering my prayers by presenting situations where my patience would be tested. This made a lot of sense, because how else will I learn how to be patient? Needless to say, I stopped praying for patience, I can only be put through so many tests. But I do need to learn how to handle people when they are testing my patience.
  4. I am a Meru, and I do have that temper we are synonymous for. It only rares it’s ugly head when people are late, lie to me, treat me like shit or make me do stuff that i do not like. Anyhuuu some of these things may happen unintentionally, so in reference to number 2, I really need to breathe out, take a chill pill and not blow someone’s head off.  Though I think when someone does something wrong, it’s important to let them know that what they did wasnt cool. Right?
  5. Treasure all your loved ones, always, everyday and in every way. On this particular day, I torture myself every year over the loss of a relationship I never had a chance to form. I have no memories to celebrate about, as a result I just have to make a conscious decision not to feel bad about it.
  6. Listen more. We always talk and rarely listen. I especially hate being told what to do, this needs to change.
  7. I tend to be stubborn sometimes too. Reduce.
  8. Drake lied when he sang  about no new friends. New friends are awesome, make more.
  9. Leave the past behind, where it is meant to stay.
  10. Quit comparing yourself to others, you are your own person and you will go through your own triumphs.
  11. Reach out to people you have lost touch with.
  12. If something feels wrong, it probably is.
  13. Make more of an effort to dress well always, not just when going out. Instead of shying away from attention, beckon it.
  14. Not everything is personal.
  15. Stop trying to please everybody, do you.

ok I cant reach 26 things right now, these will have to do for now. I’m off to go enjoy the last few hours of this day.



8 thoughts on “26 things to ponder about: Advise from me to me

  1. Happy 27th! O Nkirdizzle I really wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart because you are genuine and honest, and I relate to your struggles and I admire the way you are able to express all this simply in words. You are such a nice person. May you have it all 😘😘

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