Humpday Musings



There are two ways in which I view myself, what I see when I look in the mirror, and what other people tell me. Sometimes I like what I see when I look at myself, and sometimes I do not. As a result I am a bit wishy washy when it comes to what I think of myself.

It is always interesting hearing about what other people see. It’s funny how when I get compliments I blush at first and then say something in disbelief to negate what they said, but when I am told something negative I take it as the gospel and wallow in it.

I definitely want to work on my self esteem this year, I really need to love myself and embody every sense of that word. I do love myself… sometimes, and I need to make this all the time. Many of us have body issues because of what society has deemed to be the perfect body.

My body is far from perfect, I have enough scars, cellulite and stretch marks to prove that. Imperfection is beauty. I have my days when I flaunt them with a lot of pride, not really caring who sees them or what they think. But sometimes I see pictures taken of me and grimace because there are some things filters cannot hide.

They say if you dont like something about yourself, then change it. This is definitely easier said than done. Life and good food tends to get in the way. Anyway I will try my best to change some things, so help me God.

It’s been a great month so far, it definitely rocked more than last January. I feel kinda sad for all those people whose year hasn’t started out too well, but if any of you are going through tough times, just know God is preparing you for something bigger and much better. He is always in control.

Did I tell you guys I started going to church again? I haven’t missed mass this year *taps self on back*. I have my parents to thank for this, they discovered a nice little church in our hood and I really like it. I intend on keeping this up, no excuses.

Now that I am delving deeper into my late twenties 😥 I think it is time I actually make some definitive goals. Today I realised that the one goal I had for the longest time may not come into fruition, but I am okay with it because the situation is beyond my control.

I am going to start my Masters this year, probably in May, I am still deciding which school I should go to. The thought of turning 30 without a Masters is utterly terrifying so I must get that out of the way.

I went for a financial management training a few years ago, and the trainer gave a good saving tip that I want to try again. He said each day save a certain amount of money, it doesnt matter how little it is, and after a certain amount of time, increase the amount you are saving. (This is of course in addition to your regular savings account).  Thanks to innovative creations like MShwari, I have decided to open an account and be saving Kshs 100 everyday.  That’s 700 shillings a week, 2800 a month, and hopefully 33000 in a year. Wish me luck 🙂

Everyday I keep reading about young people causing ripples in the world and making millions because of something they have created, or things they post on social media, or a craft they have specialised in etc. Reading their stories is always amazing and highly motivating, and one day that really needs to be me. For now I am currently planning world domination, if Lupita could do it, who am I not to try?

I am stuck on level 140 in Candy Crush and it is driving me insane!!! It’s been like 5 days already grrr.

Anyhoosmu have yourselves a lovely day 🙂

6 thoughts on “Humpday Musings

  1. I feel you on almost everything.. I wanna dwell on something though, this Masters thing, are you this concerned to take ASAP (cos this aint the first time you talking about it) because it will benefit you as a person/careerwise/dreamwise, because you feel you definitely should, because you just must have one before 30/in your lifetime, or because everyone you know has already gotten one? Hence it terrifies you something terrible if 30 hits before you get it.. I ask because sometimes we really stress and stress over things that really really are not a must/should or that are of little or no consequence whatsoever for us as individuals, our dreams, what we are passionate about or even our paths in life. Ok I will stop now 😊

    • Lol dont stop.
      Yeah I have been saying that I will do my masters for a while. My initial plan was to fly out, but circumstances will not let that happen. To advance my career I need those post graduate papers, I have seen so many opportunities that I dont qualify for because I dont have a Masters. I am hoping given the work experience I have garnered, and the Masters will give me an edge.

      • Uh huh! Then that is a damn good reason! Go for it. Make it happen. It doesnt matter where as long as it is done. And yes that will definitely give you an advantage. At least you know what you need to do to fulfill your career dreams. The battle is halfway fought. All the very best! xo

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