come here you!

come here you!

Thank God It’s Friday!!!

Like finally!!!

I am excited about

sleeping in tomorrow.

Today I Am Feeling

a bit lethargic, woke up at 2am and couldnt fall asleep again because of mosquitoes :-/ Im getting insecticide today!

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

So this week Kenya Nights announced that Diplo would be performing in Nairobi on the 7th of February. I have been exploring his music and he is uber awesome!! I love how his mixes range from dancehall, to EDM to Rap to funk. He is the epitome of versatility, I cannot wait to see him perform live.

This Weekend I

will be hanging with people I usually hang with during my vacay, so I am looking forward to seeing what hanging with them in Nairobi feels like.

I am craving

a bacon burger from Tamambo Karen.

I wish

I was back in Mombasa … le sigh

I hope

I get cool birthday gifts.

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is



Have A Fab Friday 🙂



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