1st of the month

I know it’s the 3rd, but I dont care *Icona Pop voice*

Hello December

Hello December



December is such a fun month 🙂

November Highlights

The month started off with me linking up with one of my friends who was in town, it was definitely an interesting sorta weird evening due to some unfinished business. But the business got finished so it was a good thing me thinks.

The Jameson Live Party was definitely one of my highlights, Dj Drama killed it on the decks. What really amazed me was the set he did for Kenyan music, he blended it seamless which goes to show that he took the time to get to learn our music.

It’s always nice to know the mafans are still in my mix, a bit of an ego boost never hurt anybody.

We went GP Karting for my friend’s birthday and we had a blast, the fact that I drive now definitely made it easier, but my body was in pain the week after. Steering that kart turned out to be quite the work out.

I went to places that I usually do not go to so I definitely had a blast exploring new places.

You will be amazed at the awesome places Nairobi has on offer.

I went to Best Western, the new hotel next to Chaka Place in Hurlingham. I have really wanted to go there for the longest time, and it was definitely worth the wait. We went to the Ciroc Bar at the rooftop which is by the pool and the place has the most amazing view of Nairobi.

2013-11-26 18.25.51

2013-11-26 18.24.26


2013-11-26 20.26.14


All the cocktails at the Ciroc Bar are made with Ciroc Vodka and the prices range from Kshs 600 to about Kshs 750. They however do sell other brands of liquor there as well.

I went upcountry with my whole extended family for my grandparents memorial, it was pretty awesome kicking it with everyone. Plus we had the best fully stocked bar ever! Definitely had a blast, I cannot wait for Christmas 🙂

Last week, I was reacquainted with an old crush and I couldn’t believe it. I was happy for days! It was nice getting to hang with him and get to know him better.

I finally got new tyres for my car, I think this is the first time I have hit 120 Kmph. Before I used to hit 80 Kmph and the car used to shake like crazy!

November downsides

I had the most horrid flu last week.

I never got to finish my story, I will hopefully try get some more writing done, dont wanna leave yall hanging 🙂

November Discoveries

Life is what you make it, choose happiness.

What I Look Forward To In December

The Christmas spirit, and of course the day itself.

Fun 🙂

How was your November? What do you look forward to this month?



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