Slight Werk

So I have been doing some research for my NaNoWriMo story, and I got so many ideas now everything is just jumbled up. I also realised that every time I write (I have been dabbling at writing ever since I was in high school) my stories are always set in America for some reason. I guess that is where my imagination resides 🙂 But I think I will give Nairobi a shot for this particular story to give us all more to relate to.



Aden woke up early Monday morning and followed his usual morning routine, fifty sit ups, fifty press ups, shit, shower, shave and a healthy breakfast. He had a very important meeting that he had to prepare for and he did not have the patience to deal with the hectic Nairobi traffic. He left his Kileleshwa home at 6:30am and thanks to the new bypass, he made it to his office situated at 14th Riverside Drive in ten minutes.

Aden had started a company called Lemaden Solutions with his best friend Lemasolai which dealt with mobile and web technology. The two had invested their life savings to start the business, and had also won several grants from international bodies to fund their start up initiatives. Today they were meeting with Heshan De Silva, a young venture capitalist who had just been named Kenya’s youngest billionaire. Heshan invested in companies and earned a percentage stake of the company, and Aden was keen on having him on board to help their business flourish.

“Hey Sola, did you manage to finish your part of the presentation?” Aden asked as he stepped into the board room of the Lemaden office, where he found Lemasolai seated.

Lemasolai, Sola for short, had been his best friend since the tender age of six years. They had met at Muthaiga Country Club while their fathers were competing against each other in a golf tournament and became fast friends. They attended the same high school and both flew out to pursue their undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in America. They considered themselves to be more than just friends, they were brothers.

Aden and Sola were very different, yet similar. Aden was 6 foot tall, well built, and light in complexion. Sola was 6 foot 2, slim and slightly darker than Aden. Sola was the outgoing guy, the charmer who swept almost everyone off their feet. Aden was a bit more reserved, he didn’t let just anybody in, but once he warmed up to you, he was the hilarious guy.

“Ad! Thank God you are here! I finished it, but I need you to review it. Can I run it through you?’ Sola replied.

“Sure, once you are done I can show you mine and we can brush up on the entire presentation.”

Aden switched on the projector and Sola connected his laptop and began his part of the presentation. Sola was very vibrant, and full of life. He had this ability to hook people in with his dazzling smile and charming voice. That was what made him such a prolific Marketing and Sales Director for Lemaden.

Aden was the brain behind the business, he came up with ideas, and if he could not properly execute them, he hired programmers to develop the technology required to bring his ideas to life. They had employed two permanent programmers and an accountant to manage their finances since the way the company utilised the grants it received was closely monitored.

While Sola did his presentation, Aden’s phone beeped. It was a whatsapp message from Wanjiru.

I miss you :-*

Can I see you later today?

He read the message and put the phone away without responding. Shiru was a very beautiful girl, but she was so clingy and needy he really had no time for her. He had met her at Mercury ABC during some random night out. She had walked up to him at the bar, and offered to buy him a drink. He found that quite ballsy, the fact that she was stunning helped matters as well. They had a good time together, next thing he knew she was inviting herself over to his house and into his bed.

He regretted immediately the next morning, as he had a difficult time dealing with her. She was all up in his business as he tried to work, and she decided to spend the entire day with him regardless of the fact that he was busy. Once he managed to finally get her to leave, he decided never to see her again and she had been hounding him ever since.

She called and texted him regularly, he ignored her mostly but sometimes guilt got the best of him so he indulged her sometimes. He however had to avoid going to Mercury because he kept running into her there and he was not ready for a repeat performance.

Sola completed his presentation, and Aden showed him his side of the presentation and they polished up on everything.

“Heshan will not know what hit him once we show him our presentation.” Sola remarked excitedly.

“He would be a fool not to want to invest in us.” Aden responded confidently.

They packed up their laptops and projector and left their office, headed for Heshan’s Office which was situated in Westlands.

By sheer luck, Nairobi traffic was good to them and they got to VenCap in fifteen minutes. Once they got to the building lobby, they were amazed at how beautiful and laid back Heshan’s office was. There were two big screen tv’s with play station game consoles connected to them, bean bag chairs, 2 vending machines and a huge aquarium.

“Hi.” Sola said to the pretty receptionist.

“We are from Lemaden Solutions, we are here to see Mr. De Silva, we had an appointment with him, 8:30 am?” He said, oozing with charm as he flashed her his pearly whites revealing a kilo watt smile.

“He is expecting you, kindly follow me.” She smiled and stood up and led them to Heshan’s office.

“Mr De Silva, the gentlemen from Lemaden are here to see you.” She said as she opened the door and ushered them into his office.

Aden’s jaw nearly dropped. Heshan was seated majestically at a huge, polished, mahogany table, and seated on his right hand side was Nia.


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