Sweet Temptation

She woke up quickly with a jolt and sat up right as she looked around squinting her eyes as she tried figuring out where she was. The spacious room, with clothes strewn recklessly on the floor, the four poster bed she was laying in, and of course, the man sleeping right beside her blissfully.


This was not what was supposed to happen. She was meant to go for the launch, do some networking, look stunning and parade herself around Aden so that he could get a could look at what he was missing, and leave. Talk about a plan going horribly wrong.

Aden stirred as if he could hear her remorse in his dreams, and he woke up and stared at her inquisitively.

“You were just contemplating running away again weren’t you?’

He moved closer towards her and wrapped his arm around her, and started trailing kisses down her back which sent shivers up and down her spine.

Damn you Aden.

” Stay.” He begged softly amidst killing me with those soft, tender lips.

My body was screaming ‘Yes!’

My heart was screaming ‘Yes!’

But my mind was screaming ‘Run as fast as you can!’ but those screams were being muffled by the ripples of pleasure that had descended upon me.

Aiden knew just the right way to push her buttons, the good and the bad ones. The fact that she was so weak greatly frustrated her. He was not drop dead gorgeous, but he had these big brown eyes that looked like their mission was to infiltrate your soul every time he looked at you. He had a nice, strong jaw line that my lips never got tired of tracing.

His lips were my kryptonite. They were soft and supple, and had a knack for finding the most sensitive parts of my body.

“No, I have to go. This was a mistake.” I said, sounding as if I was trying to convince myself.

“Why do you keep doing this? Running and pushing me away. ” He said looking at me,his face twinged with frustration.

“You have to chase me for me to be running.’ I responded.

“Chase you? Is that the problem? Is that what you want? Me pleading with you to stay and spend the day with me counts as what exactly?”

“I am tired of these games we keep playing Aden. One minute we cannot take our hands off each other, then the next there’s so much distance. I cannot deal with this hot and coldness, it is exhausting. ” I attempted to get off the bed and he held me down and turned me to face him.

He knew if he did not reassure her in some way that she would leave, and he needed her to stay.

“Running away will not solve anything Nia.” He replied, kissing her on the temple.

“You know how bad I want you.” He said as he held me real close so that I could feel just how hard he wanted me.

“Sometime’s that is not always enough.” She whispered softly.

Before she could utter anything else he kissed her. Aden was not very good with expressing himself verbally, so he resorted to what he knew best.

Words really could not sufficiently describe how she knocked him off his equilibrium every time he saw her.  How thoughts of her consumed his entire being so much so he felt like he couldn’t function. So he immersed himself in work and anything else that could prove to be a distraction. Maybe that’s what she referred to as ‘coldness’ but how could he explain that it was the only way he could stay sane?

Well, he would cross that bridge some other time, right now he would do what came naturally to him. He worshipped her body like the goddess that she was.




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6 thoughts on “Sweet Temptation

  1. great piece, u should write at least a page daily coz its leaving me in suspense.
    my question is, is it in first or second person narration?

    • I was also thinking of the same thing, first person versus second person. You keep inter-changing them which makes it slightly confusing.

      • I am trying to get both sides of the characters to be seen, and it’s proving to be a bit difficult, but i am working on it. Thanks for the feedback.

    • I am definitely having a problem with that, hence why writing daily will be an issue :-/ thanks for the feedback, and for reading 🙂

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