I was serious

This is my first instalment of my NaNoWriMo story, I have no name for it yet, and I will write for as long as the words will let me, and finish it off slowly with blog posts throughout the month. I really hope I manage to do this though, wish me luck.




I wish my heart would stop doing that thing it does whenever I see you. That thing where it beats so fast that it takes my breath away. It beats so hard as if it wants to burst out of my body and run to you with as much excitement as a dog that runs to it’s master after not seeing him for a long time.

Why couldn’t it be like my face which was exhibiting nothing but cool, calm, nonchalance. Nothing like the confusion going on within me. Lord knows what was going on with my eyes, right now the only struggle is not to make eye contact with you.  Right now you really do not need to know what is going on in my soul.


He had spotted her from the minute he walked into the room. It was like his eyes had been wandering, and when they saw her they had found home. He had not even expected her to be there, she had been avoiding him and he had been having a difficult time trying to get her to agree to see him. He took a minute to let his eyes soak the sight of her in.

She was dressed in a long black dress that clung to her body not too tightly, but just enough to give you an idea of how her body contours. Her hair was freshly done with beautiful curls flowing down one side of her head, and the other side exposing the beautiful nape of her neck.

She must have known she would see me today, that seeing that long slim neck, with the small dark birthmark just below her ear exposed like that would simply drive me nuts.

As usual, she was oblivious of her beauty and the effect it had on men. She was gorgeous but always toned it down as if not to draw attention to herself. She always seemed surprised every time someone paid her a compliment, as if she could not believe someone actually thought her whole being was exquisite. That was what made her even more beautiful.

He made his way towards her, determined to get to speak to her. Tonight there would be no escape.

She caught his eye as she turned to her left, and she could the look of determination on his face as he walked towards her in his majestic stride.  Her first thought was to bolt, but before she could even coordinate her feet to move, he had grabbed her hand.


That voice.

“Hi.” She responded in what was barely a whisper. He was still holding her hand, as if he knew the minute he let go she would find some way to escape.

“You look so amazing.” He said, as he looked at her face and played with the curls falling off her face.

“Thank you.” she could feel herself blushing and her ears burning. This man and his effect on her!

“You have been avoiding me. You do know the more you run the more I will keep chasing after you. But you being here tells me you have stopped running?”

She pried her hand away from what had become his vice like grip.

“I just needed some time.”

“Some time to do what? ” He asked.

“Things.”  She responded curtly.

“I wanna ask what things, but you do not look like you will volunteer that information. We need to talk about some things, and I know if I do not have this conversation with you right now you will make sure this overdue discussion does not take place.

Come with me.” He grabbed her hand and dragged her outside to the verandah of the museum where they were attending a gala which was being held in honour of the new CEO of the country’s biggest investment firm, Sonnex.

He led her towards the furthest corner of the verandah that was poorly lit and away from any prying eyes. He pushed her towards the wall as he looked her straight in the eye, and leaned in till he was barely inches away from her.

He could feel her hastened breathe against him, and he could see how she looked at him with a mixture of anticipation and fear.

‘What am I doing to this woman?’ He thought to himself.

‘What is she doing to me?’ he thought as his eyes dropped down to her plump, moist pink lips.

She licked her lips, and looked at him, then grabbed him by his tie and lowered his head to come closer to hers.

Despite wearing 6 inch heels, he was still so tall in comparison to her petite frame.

She traced his lips with her tongue, as if in preparation for their mouths to collide and do that dance they had perfected.




To be continued …





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