Thank God It’s Friday!!!!



I am sorry I have not done this post in a minute, life got in the way. But yaaay it’s furahiday 🙂

I am excited about

the weekend, it really looks promising.

Today I Am Feeling

happy go lucky 🙂

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

My friend shared this amazing house mix last night.

This Weekend I

have no solid plans, but I must have a blast.

I am craving


A delectable sammich like this one,  which I got off 300 sandwiches  a website by a lady who was promised by her boyfriend that if she makes him 300 sandwiches he would propose to her. Are men this serious about sandwiches though?!!

I wish

I was not dragged into this issue, this ish better not complicate things for me.

I hope

my friend’s mum’s surgery goes well tomorrow, keeping her in my prayers.

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is


Have A Fantastic Friday!!!


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