random musings

Courtesy of some very poor decisions made last night, I am seated at my desk feeling sleep as hell. But I have no regrets, I had so much fun 🙂

Right now I am just busy listening to songs like these to keep me up and alert. I am in love with Zedd, his new album is everything!

Right now I can say I am happy, peaceful and content. I am shocked I got here this fast, I am hoping this isnt me being disillusioned. I choose to be happy though, there is so much to smile about.


On the loving much bit, I am hitting a pause on the man department, but I will love the people in my life as much as possible, our days are numbered, you never know if today is the last day you will share with a loved one.

Life is too short for mediocrity and petty things, and I decided to be the bigger person in 2 situations and it really paid off, I am all grown up now, and it feels really good 🙂

For now I leave you with this video of celebrities reading mean tweets directed at them.


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