1st of the month



A few more weeks to Christmas and to schools closing, I cannot wait for traffic to reduce!

October Highlights

The end of my situationship is definitely a highlight.

I went for my friends birthday dinner at pampa churascaria, all you can eat for Kshs 1900 I think. We had such a fantastic time.

As usual, blankets and wine was so much fun, Sauti Sol killed it.  I also resisted to give in to a very poor decision I made in September and that deserves a mention.

I went for the opening ceremony for Tusker Project Fame, how cheap is booze at EABL?!!! It is actually insane how affordable it is. The live performances were really good, and I would definitely love to go for it again.

It was nice being random for a change, there was a day I got home at 11 am nochipo after going out all night, then going to a friends house for drinks and blacking out on their couch after the sun rose. I need to be more random.

Despite my not being an Antony Hamilton fan, my friend invited me to go for the gig with her and I had such an amazing time. The setup was tip top, green and white was the theme so the seats were white and the lights were green. There were seats for everyone, with cushions, and big screens. The performances were phenomenal, even Antony who is just a ball of energy. Of course it was shika shika times for all the couples who went there lol but it wasn’t as weird as I expected it to be. I am definitely never missing any future Tusker Lite experiences again.

My family had a party in the park on a Sunday and we had a blast, though I was hangovered for days. We got lost in the park looking for an alternative picnic site since Kingfisher is the one everyone goes to. We ended up back at kingfisher and set up camp there. We ate, drank, made merry and danced to other peoples music. My family is just a crazy bunch of people, I hope we have more of those. By the way, I needed to share this very yummy combo I invented, take a slice of pizza, put some kenchic chicken and chips on top of it and roll it up and eat it. Best. Combo. Ever!

I got new glasses and I love them.

Nairobi Fashion Market was definitely the biggest highlight of my October. I had a stand there and managed to sell a lot of stuff. I also did a lot of shopping, hopefully I will get a chance to take pics of some of the things I copped there.

October was definitely an awesome month.

October Downsides

I finally put my blackberry torch to rest, RIP. Now, where can I find a simcard holder?

Finding out some people are really not legit.

My fingers were in the worst condition because of all the stitching I did. I am so ready for a full mani pedi!

October Discoveries

I am clearly not a priority for some people, so I turned them into options, and focused on my priorities.

Doing me has made me tremendously happy.

Aint nobody got time for mediocrity, or time wasters.



What I Look Forward to in November

My close friend’s birthdays.

Like I mentioned earlier, less traffic.

More things that will bring joy in my heart and light up my world.


How was October for you? What are you looking forward to in November?

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