Good Morning!!! It’s the middle of the week, finally. This week has dragged, or is it just me?


I always have this struggle, and I do not plan on standing down… depending on how bored I get lol Let me just wallow in my thoughts rather than say them out loud.


Let us stop and appreciate the lushness that is JCole! Those lips! Hashtag slurp!

I do not religiously watch 30 rock, but this past weekend I caught a few episodes on DSTV. I was very dismayed to discover Lemon is dating James Masden’s character, when did all this happen?!! Yes this dismay stems off the green eyed monster, I cannot control it lol But it is always nice seeing an ‘underdog’ bag herself a hunk.

I just got to listen to Miley Cyrus new album Banger, and I think it is actually good.

I like the Southern feel to this joint, and it is so damn catchy *slaps knee*


Over the years I have witnessed many of my friends dismissing men because they practised a certain religion. I never understood what the big deal was because for me what I thought counts was the fact that at least they worship a supreme being, and that their religion should not affect mine. Of course the thought of how to raise a family was not in my head when I was reasoning that way, well, simply because these men were being dismissed even before going on a date let alone marriage.

I still do not think I would consider practising a certain religion as a deal breaker, but now of course maybe I would broach the subject of children and what we would raise them to believe in.  If we cannot find a compromise then there will be a situation.

Anyhoosmu, that picture above about a man who will lead you to God sounds wonderful. I never meet strong God fearing men, maybe it’s because of the places I look.  Do not tell me to go to church, I already know I should, but I am not social in church so it’s difficult to meet people. I also do not believe that is the best place to meet people, but that is a debate for another day.  My friend is really searching for a God fearing man, and she goes to church, she has not met any prospects there. Where can these men be found?

Here’s a very cool blog written by one of them, Pen Strokes which is very enlightening.

On Sunday God spoke to me. I have been grappling with a certain aspect in my life, and I asked him for a sign. It came in the form of a whatsapp video from my friend, and I do believe he was speaking to me through her, which was pretty cool 🙂

I dont remember what else it was I wanted to talk about, go ahead and have yourself an awesome day.


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