1st of the month

octBy a show of hands, who else is stoked September is finally over? o/ o/ o/



September Highlights

My friend came home for good 🙂

I got to see my friend who I had not seen in a long while, and was happy to be a part of her baby shower.

Surprised my friend for her birthday which was fun.

Earthdance \o/ It was beyond awesome, though I did not manage to make it till morning because of dumb show choices, and old age -_-



The setup was amazing, and the deejays rocked! Looking forward to next year’s edition of it.

I got a new gadget to play around with 🙂

I found a new place to shop for clothes \o/

September Downsides

Technically, I lost my gadgets this month.

So much for no alcohol September smh.

My car got many issues, but thankfully I fixed most of them.

The situationship seems to be over.

The Westgate Attack in Kenya, most horrid thing EVER.

Good riddance to September!

September Discoveries

Life is too short, cherish everything, do everything, take nothing for granted, dont accept mediocrity or anything that does not make you happy. Do you!

God is in control.

Things change when you are no longer a priority.

What I Look Forward To In October

Nairobi Fashion Market which is going down on the 25th and 26th of October.

Halloween, though I havent heard of any party going down, I wanna dress up for it.

Happy times, I just want to have lots of laughter and good times this month.


How was September for you? What do you look forward to in October?







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