Thank God It’s Friday!!!


This has been one long and harrowing week for Kenya and many other parts of the world like Pakistan, Sudan, and India. I feel like I may have left out a country. Anyhoo so many lives have been lost this week, take a minute to pray for all the departed souls and their families.

I am excited about

the end of September, this month has not been good.

Today I Am Feeling

anxious, torn, sad, bleurgh…

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

This song takes me back to earthdance, a happy place. It’s beautiful and such a fun song. I dont think I can listen to any sad sappy songs for the next month or so.

This Weekend I

hope to do some much needed shopping for a project I will be doing next month.

I am craving

peace of mind.

I wish

losing yourself was not such an easy thing, for some of us that is..

I hope

there will not be stigma against Muslims, it is already happening to my utter dismay. We cannot be afraid of people who are of a certain religion just because of the action of extremists.

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is


Have A Fabulous Friday and Stay safe.



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