Westgate, help me understand.

The number of people who have questioned their faith, and the existence of God since 21st September must be phenomenal. On this Saturday, mid morning, a group of heavily armed terrorists went on a gun firing, grenade throwing rampage at the Westgate Mall in Westlands. Innocent men, women and children were shot at and killed by the grenades hurled at them. Many others were lucky enough to escape unharmed, while others suffered bullet wounds and injuries from debri thrown at them from the grenades.grenades.
The terrorists held a number of people hostage,who and we still do not know their exact number or what exactly has happened to them. According to the twitter streets, the hostages were tortured in the most horrific way, i literally shed tears reading about it.
Many of us have wondered how God could let such a thing happen. Why would he let people be massacred so mercilessly and rob families of their loved ones? Why would he let them have such tragic and painful deaths? What did they do to deserve this? Did they sin differently? Was their purpose to leave this world in such a cruel way?
I am questioning so many things right now, but one thing is definitely clear.
There is a God.
Though i was busy recovering in bed on that fateful Saturday morning, i could’ve very easily been at Westgate because i am a mall rat. My family and friends could have been there too, but by his grace we were spared. I really cannot take this for granted.
The previous night i was telling my friend who was at Onami, a Japanese restaurant at Westgate, how i would only be going there since they had the most delicious and affordable cocktails.
Now Onami is no more. Did the nice waiter who reminded us to order cocktails before happy hour ended survive? What happened to the waitress who let us order more than 1 drink for happy hour?
There was a quaint little confectionary stand situated right infront of Art Caffe, and they sold the most amazing cupcakes i ever tasted. Is the Indian lady who i think owned it survive? How about the young lady who sold them to me?
Apparently the first shots were fired at Urban Gourmet Burgers and Art Caffe. Both employees and customers were caught unawares as bullets were fired at them mercilessly.
I dunno if i have a hunger for pain, but i keep coming across photos of the whole ordeal, which have literally shook me to the car.  So much blood, pain and suffering. Again i ask, what is the meaning of life if it will be cut short so abruptly?
Some of the camera men though, their priorities seemed to be taking the perfect shot rather than helping the victims. I saw a picture someone literally stretching out their arm for help, and she died 😥
I may not have lost anyone directly close to me, but nonetheless i weep for my fellow country men.
I weep for the hostages who were presumably tortured to death.
I weep for those shot to death or killed by the grenades.
I weep for those who got injured and succumbed to their injuries.
I weep for those who got shot, lost limbs and bodily functions or hurt in anyway.
I weep for those who managed to escape unhurt, but witnessed this monstrosities.
I weep for all those who lost loved ones, and for those who still dunno the fate of their loved ones.
I weep for the brave warriors who lost their lives fighting the terrorists, and for those who got hurt while in battle.
I weep for my country, for we may never  be the same again.


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