Thank God It’s Friday!!!

It’s still Thursday in my head :-/

I am excited about

🙂  tonight, I get to see someone I have not seen in like 2 years, beyond stoked.

Today I Am Feeling

so, so.

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is


  This Weekend I

hope to make some people happy 🙂 Make sure you make someone smile too.

I am craving

nothing, I had nyama choma for lunch, so stuffed, but my tummy is happy 🙂

I wish

I knew what I needed to know, but at least it isnt bothering me anymore *kanye shrug*

I hope

they manage to trace it :-/

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

‘Fear is not a sign of cowardice. It is fear that allows us to be brave and dignified in the face of life’s situations. Someone who experiences fear, and despite the fear goes on, without allowing it to intimidate him, is giving proof of valiance. But someone who tackles difficult situations without taking the danger into account, is proving only his irresponsibility.’

The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

I have been binging on Paulo Coelho this week, currently on my third book, I definitely want to do a review on him. His writing is literally food for the soul, and I need to share things that keep speaking out to me, so watch out for that.

Have A Fabulous Friday!!


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