1st of the month

I know it’s the 6th, just dwell on the fact that I am doing this post anyway 🙂


August Highlights

I did a whole lot of partying this month, I won’t even deny it.

I tried out some new things out of my usual routine, went for some whiskey and cheese event, and an art gallery.

I got to bond with my cousin and my nieces and nephews which was amazing.

I made some new friends, many of them actually, which is always awesome.

Had fun with the August babies, shout out to one of them who I know is reading this :p

Rift Valley Festival was awesome, it was nice getting out of town and partying by the lake.

August Downsides

I drank a bit too much this month, hence detox has started from this week.

I lost my gadgets 😥

I lost control.

There is a situation which I do not like where it’s at, but anyhuu we will see what happens.

August Discoveries

I am different with you, I dunno why, and that fact is kinda unnerving.

Monogamy may actually be a type of tree..

Moderation, where will I find you? Are you with responsibly?

Sometimes you do things thinking you know better, and are wise enough to control the situation, how wrong was i?

Never loose control.

What good comes off being honest about what you think or feel? So far I havent seen much..

Maturity is not necessarily based on age.

There are 2 sides to every story, but when both stories conflict completely, how do you know which side is true?

Being drunk is a very valid excuse :-/

Somethings are not meant to be.

You cannot rewind time.

Nothing good comes off lying.

What I Look Forward To In September

Earthdance, I have been dying to Professor live.

Sticking to my resolutions.

How was August for you? What are you looking forward to in September?


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