Mindless Monday Musings

This is the cutest thing I have seen today! I keep forgetting that I need to go buy a cat from KSPCA.


I had a very interesting weekend. I got a lot of face time with my mummy, and we shared so many stories my mouth got tired 🙂  She handed in her project last night for school, I am praying really hard that she passes, feel free to whisper one too 🙂

It also seemed to be awkward weekend for me, I ran into my exes. I think it went well seeing that my guts never felt like they were dying, and I pretty much moved on as if they were not really present. I think I am all grown up now 🙂 It feels great knowing that someone who had adverse effects on you now elicit zero emotions. It’s kinda sad too, but I guess that’s the circle of life.

It’s also a bad thing being a regular at the ‘local’. I loved how welcoming the bouncers and waiters were, but I hated the fact that when people I had gone there with in the past had bill issues, I am the person asked because they know I am a regular -_-

I got some exciting news, I cannot wait for next month to get here 🙂

Also, my phone is just misbehaving more and more. Hopefully by the end of the week I will have sorted out this phone situation once and for all.

That saying ‘There are 2 sides to every story’ is so true, if you hear something, find a way to get the other side of the story, because no 2 people tell a story in the same way. One party always has to give away too much or little information which could be very vital.

I learnt a few new things about myself, okay maybe this weren’t new revelations, I just need stuff to fill this post with :p

I can be a bit hard headed when it comes to being forced to do something I do not agree with, but I swallow my pride albeit some difficulty.

I may be a tad bit too sensitive for my own good.

Sometimes some people bring out certain sides of you that you had no idea existed.

Being honest and open sucks, I have been doing it a lot lately, it’s not really getting me anywhere. I am going back to my elusive ways.

Enough about me, let us discuss Selena Gomez’s spectacular dress at last night’s VMAs, love it!





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