Don’t Be Nice!

Thought Catalog

Seriously. Don’t be nice. I’ve tried it and just don’t. It’s a total waste of your time. I’m not suggesting you be an unrepentant dick or selfish bitch. I’ve tried that, too. It doesn’t work any better. Sure, you’ll fuck a lot more but you’re left feeling rather empty and you spend your time around the only people who can stand you, other dicks/bitches and the weak-ass people who want to impress you. So if those are the two poles — selfishness and “being nice” — what are we left with? What’s the gray area? What’s best way for you to be? Good questions. Ready for a really simple answer?

Be you. The real you. The vulnerable and authentic you. The you who has boundaries and is unwilling to cross them… for even the sweetest reward. Hold onto your integrity. And to be that person you respect sometimes you have to be willing to…

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