1st of the month

I owe you guys 2 1st of the months, for May and for June. I was not able to do the one for May, and to be honest, I just got lazy. But in a nutshell, May was hectic because of school, met some interesting people and it was low key and chilled out.



June Highlights

Blankets and Wine is always a fun way to usher in the new month, got to kick it with my cousin and friends, definitely had a blast.

June was a very happy month for a friend of mine, a huge milestone went down and I was glad to have witnessed it 🙂

I finally finished the certification I was studying for, the results are almost out, can someone say tension? -_- Pray for me.

My friend was in Nairobi and the plot was really lost, definitely had a blast. Discovered some new cool places which I will definitely visit once again.

New babies, new engagements, new homes, people are really growing up, and I am just here blogging :p

This month was entertaining to say the least, from douches, bad spellers, to other nice things 🙂

Also, it was a great month in terms of music. We witnessed the release of Born Sinner, Yeezus and The Gifted.

June Downsides

I still dont have my weekends back, one more Saturday and I am free.

I got food poisoning coupled with a horrid hangover smh that day was not fun.

Some things may never be the same again …

June Discoveries

Maybe I care much more than I would like to admit..

Free booze is a horrid thing!

Appreciate all the people around you, they may not be here forever.

If you want something long enough, you just might get it 😉

What I Look Forward to in July

The endless birthday parties, this month is always epic 🙂


How was the month of June for you?



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