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I have really thought of a cool title for this blog post, but ‘The one without a title’ sounds like I had already previously used it. It has been an interesting couple of weeks for me, so much food for thought that I thought I should share or ask about even.

First up, have you met the person you think you should spend the rest of your life with? If you have, are you committed to them and taking steps to fulfill your heart’s desire? If not, why are you not committing to them?

If you still have not met that person soulmate or whatever you call it do not worry about it, we are in the same boat. I do not even think I would be able to know what that feels like, to accept someone wholly and want to be with them forever. But for those who have, I cannot help but wonder what you are waiting for. Be with that person, work towards that goal, be together. Shouldn’t it be that simple?

I write this as I think about how I am contradicting my own thoughts on how people are getting married too fast. In their defence, maybe I do not know if indeed they deem themselves to be soulmates or whatever. Yes, I do not believe in soulmates, can you tell?

I have really missed standing on tippy toes, looking dreamily into the eyes of someone dare I say special? For some reason, I keep attracting short men to my dismay. Where are all the tall brothers yo?! Sadly I need the attention so I am not in a position to use height as a deal breaker.

I am however inclined to use bad grammar as a deal breaker. How can we be together if chatting with you is an eye sore? I am not the S.I. Unit of smart, but when you write something using the same number of letters, but with the wrong spelling, on purpose, what am I supposed to think? That you are not smart? Which is the notion that I am swaying towards.

Never underestimate the seductive power of correct grammar.

I thought I had lowered my standards being single does that to you, but turns out they are still as high as ever. I blame all the smart men that I interact with. For some reason I know so many of them, and I enjoy chatting with them because I learn a lot, and get to engage in battles of wit with them. They have ruined men for me it seems. You cannot engage in witty banter with someone who cannot spell 😦 There are men who have a lot worse going for them, I have no idea why this seems to be sort of a big deal to me. I do not remember being unattracted to people with low grades when I was in school, so why should I be bothered with bad spelling on whatsapp?

Also, I was very surprised to discover that a guy who I found it very easy, and fun to talk to, had zero personality when it came to chatting on whatsapp. Oh my God, it’s like Whatsapp has become my new dating platform. I have the perfect explanation for that though, I am very poor at telephone conversations. Okay, not poor but I really dread them, I get the whole butterflies in my tummy thing which I cannot stand. Also, I really hate the fact that my mouth has no filter so speaking without getting a chance to review my thoughts is not my cuppa tea. Too bad I may never get to see him again, the way he was so gorgeous sigh… oh well *kanye shrug*

Why is it that the douche’s are the ones that are exciting, and the sweet nice guys so bland and boring?  Why are the compliments less endearing than the witty, sarcastic banter? I really need to figure this out because I am stumped. Sadly, I conform to the stereotype that girls love bad boys. But in my defence, there is nothing like a nice guy, just bad boys who have never been found out. This is a tried and tested theorem.

I think I am the bridge to the one that you love. This has happened like 4 times! It’s like I am the good luck charm, but for other people.

Anyhoosmu, moral of the story courtesy of Kush and Wisdom:



3 thoughts on “*insert title here*

  1. How much do I agree with you! Yeah there is nothing like nice guys, naaah! Well ‘the one’ will find you when you least expect it! In the meantime all the bad grammar that way please, cannot stand it!

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