Thank God It’s Friday!!!



I am excited about

nothing, everything is bleak till I finish masomo.

Today I Am Feeling

bored and really full, gluttony is so sinful -_-

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

The song finally came out this week, and a tweep sent me the link to this video today. Queen Bey is the ish!! I would pay hand and foot to watch her perform. Check out the thighs on these women lol and I love the choreography, I am already tryna learn all those moves 🙂

  This Weekend I

am still burying myself in books.. le sigh

I am really craving

a chilled glass of white sweet wine.

I wish

I never over did it today over lunch time, aki I cant function :p

I hope

I can continue being aloof about whatever this is going on, this must be how men manage to separate themselves from their emotions, I love it.

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is



How has your Friday been? Have a good one lovers :-*


One thought on “TGIFridays!!!

  1. I like the choreographers in that song, quite something.. the moves are so sophisticated, yet they do them effortlessly

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