Tuesday Muesday

I knew what I was gonna write about when I clicked on ‘Add new post’ but I saw this immediately after and needed to share it with you.



Celebrate the unique way God made you 🙂 I am imperfectly perfect, in so many ways you have no idea. And the funny thing is, what makes me different from most of you, is not what bothers me, even if ideally it should. I am fearfully and wonderfully made 🙂

Back to the main order of business. You know that moment when you suspect or discover that your relationship with someone has changed or is changing? Then you ask someone else about this change of behaviour and they confirm your suspicions which just makes things weirder because ish just got real. Yeah, that is where I am at right now, but I will not jump the gun and over think this, it could simply be someone who realised how awesome I am and decided to bask in my awesomeness 🙂

Have you ever read a blog post and wondered whether the blogger was referring to you? This must be how those Twitter bigwigs feel XD. Anyway so I stumbled upon that today, a post, which did not have my name written on it, but the situation being referred to has to be referring to me. I cannot ask about it, because I do not want to have to share about this place here, and maybe I do not want to know what exactly he was on about, he is giving me a run for my money when it comes to being cryptic though -_- It is pretty evident he wants the whole world to read it, I am totally perplexed +_+

I cannot even judge because I get how strong the urge is to write about what you feel, what is in your head. I have been dying to do it too, and maybe I will soon, once I get my thoughts straight.

How does it feel being written about? I had it coming because I had a feeling it would happen *pats self on back* this could be viewed as a compliment XD


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