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So I was busy looking for pictures to put in this post, and stumbled upon this one. love

Food for thought huh? I am happy without love, but incomplete, which means I am not totally happy, something is missing. I do not know for a fact whether or not love is what I am missing. When I find it, I will know if it was what I was missing.

So right now I am at that point where I am struggling not to look at my phone, fighting with myself not to make the first ‘move’, I really had not missed this part right here.


Such a simple concept, but so hard to find. I  am really hating how small Nairobi is, everyone is someone’s ex, this one had a thing with that one, they were once in love. Sha! Sijui I go to Meru and look for my next boyfriend from there! Sadly, in this day and age, monogamy is a type of tree for most people. Anyone who does not believe so, hit me up on the comments 😉

I have many close guy friends, whom I love to bits and really love engaging. I learn a lot from them and they also deeply scar me as I am made privy to the actual thoughts of the less fairer sex. They entertain me immensely, make for spectacular man candy too, though they cock block me from time to time.

Recent happenings made me wonder whether we actually appreciate our loved ones enough. I know we all appreciate the people we love, but do we ever tell them that we do? Personally, I am not the most open person when it comes to my feelings, but I have come to realise I need to become more vocal about it. There are so many people out here who walk around with inner demons which we are unaware of. We could be having drinks in the club, and I would be oblivious of the turmoil going on in someone’s mind.

We think we know, but we have absolutely no idea. I wish they would give us an idea though, how will we help people who we do not even know have issues? They need to know they are not alone, and that if they let others in, they could get help, encouragement, or maybe someone who can listen to them. In the end we all just want people to hear us out, to exhale all those demons fighting in our heads.

Here is something I stumbled upon, some more food for your soul.


You can join me in promising to try my best to spread the love, to all the people I know, share the love to strangers even, because everybody deserves to be loved.



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I am the life of parties I have never attended. I live vicariously through myself.

5 thoughts on “jibber jabber”

  1. (monogamy is a type of tree for most people. Anyone who does not believe so, hit me up on the comments )…
    eh , i don’t agree, most of my pals are in happy monogamous relationships..
    and yes, hanging out with that many guy pals will surely scar you………getting a boyfriend will be a challenge

    1. I really like hearing about success stories like this 🙂
      As for my guy friends, my life would not be the same without them, boyfriends come and go, but they never run out of style 🙂

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