Soccer, the true apple of most men’s eyes


Yesterday will go down in history as the day men were extremely emotional, all over the world. They weeped, and moaned about their broken hearts all over the internet about how sad they were that their precious Sir Alex Ferguson was leaving Manchester United. Big friggin woop!

Personally, I am not a soccer fan, let alone a Manchester United fan, so I honestly do not give a damn. I was however amused by how emotional men were, this being the gender who consider themselves good at controlling and hiding their emotions.

When it comes to women, you never see them profess their love, or express how sad they are about having lost a woman, or having their hearts broken. Why is it that men can express so much about soccer, but seem emotionless when it comes to matters of the heart?

Does this mean they invest more emotions on football than in their relationships? Am I wrong in assuming that men value soccer more than their relationships?

If you saw your ex all weepy about Fergie retiring yesterday, and witnessing him express his heartbreak all over your timeline, yet he did not even give an indication that he was sad when you guys broke up, then I feel very sad for you.

I cannot understand how men go through breakups as if they feel nothing, but act like it is the end of the world because the coach of their favourite football team retired, or because their favourite player was leaving for another team. It makes no sense to get so emotionally attached to  people who have no clue that you exist and have no emotional connection to you.

Men already view love as a game, maybe they should think of chasing a woman like chasing the ball, scoring will be scoring literally, finding another woman could be viewed as leaving for another football team. Dating could be winning the premier league, getting married as winning the champions league, I think you get my drift now.

I have been lucky enough never to have gotten involved with a man who is a soccer fanatic, but sometimes I wonder whether I would be able to hack being with such a man. I am a selfish person, I need to be a man’s top priority, I cannot be jealous about a friggin sport!



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