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Ever since I was in Standard 2 aka 2nd grade, when I scored 19/20 in my willy wonka like composition, I always thought I was good at writing. I did not fare too badly in my compositions after that, but all I knew was that writing was something I enjoyed doing. I think I have had like 5 journals in my lifetime, 3 of which I still possess, and thoroughly enjoy reading, and now Revealed, which is my somewhat online journal.

Since its inception in 2009, this blog has been a place where I can write my rights and wrongs, think, and share my thoughts and things that I learn during my journey in this so called life. It is a little piece of me on the interwebs.

Whenever someone passes on, we all have regrets about not knowing the person well enough as you would have liked to. So when that time comes and I go to the light *knocks on wood and rethinking about whether I should have said this, because if that ever happens people may read this post and wonder whether I knew it was coming, okay I do not wanna die -_-* kindly share this with those who know me, especially my family. Hopefully they will find it as insightful and entertaining as I do whenever I read my old posts.

I like to document the lessons that life teaches me, and try as often to refer to this place so that I do not forget. For if we do not learn from our mistakes, how will we learn and grow?

This is also the only place where I can ‘speak’ openly, without fear of judgment, or stepping on other peoples toes, or just getting many questions. To be honest, I am not good at the whole being free about my thoughts in the real world, I do not want my words to fall on deaf ears, or to hurt anyone’s feelings, or blow a fuse.  Here, I am freed from the prison that is my thoughts, my head.

Who here considers themselves to be a sensitive person? Does this make you over sensitive to the feelings of others? I think that’s what I have, but to the power of 4.

Have you ever discovered something about someone that you had no clue about? As in you totally did not see it coming at all?! Well, that is not me, my life is pretty much an open blog. Do I tell you everything? Ummmhh probably not, but this basically sums it all up.

Now that I am in my late twenties (groan!! ) I am now trying to find my place in this world. Everyone else seems to be finding their footing, and I am just going in blindly, as if I am trying to find the light switch in the dark.  Everyone is getting married, acquiring property, making babies, making millions, evolving, while I am here, blogging and tweeting (There is a gif somewhere for this, but I do not have time to search for it.)

Be that as it may, I am extremely happy for everyone finding themselves. Other people’s happiness actually fills me with joy, and hope. I was okay with my current situation, but yeah, the pressure is getting to me I must admit. I strongly believe that I will soon get whatever it is that I am waiting for, so I will be patient just as God wants me to be.  He does his will at his own time, and I will not pressure him for he has his reasons, and he knows what is best for me.

I am 26 years old, single, without a masters degree, having never made a million, and nowhere near making a million, with no property in my name, who is currently being punished by her unfertilized ovaries lol and for now, this is enough.

I also need to work on being a better person, a better daughter, relative, friend, and colleague. I am not where I need to be as a human being, I acknowledge that I have been doing poorly in certain areas given recent developments. But I will try to do better.

So here is hoping that by the time we reach post number 500, some things will have changed, like the person that I am, the numbers in my bank account, the length of my CV, the smiles on my face and the joy in my heart.






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    • thank you 🙂 i will definitely say the same thing to you, if you can spare some time from motherhood 🙂

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