Chum is fum

I miss spongebob square pants, and I needed a cool blog post title 🙂

So today I fell for the hype and finally checked out QUEEN by Janelle and Erykah Badu, this song is beyond awesome!!!

It is impossible not to love this song and the video. Now I just want Mac Ruby Woo lipstick, false eye lash, a tuxedo blazer with crazy shoulder pads and a sassy high bun updo and break it down on some random dance floor 🙂

I also stumbled upon this article which has given me so much food for thought about my life as a 20 something year old. I suggest you read it, I am just blogging about it because I will need to refer to this in future.

Gifs like this are the ones that give me crazy and silly ideas

baby2yeah you should probably hide your kids :p

So I had a lovely weekend, went to school, had some good ol retail therapy, did some DIY, hanged out with my family, it was pretty neat. Hope you guys had a lovely one.

Kisses and cookies 🙂

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