1st of the month

Hello lovers,

Last week I actually got a text asking me to update my blog XD. I did not mean to neglect you guys, I just do not have much to blog about.  My life now revolves around work and school, and I am now officially killing my social life until June. I need to get serious with my school work. non Anyhoo it is a brand spanking new month, and I am hoping I will be able to get serious with my studies. may2

April Highlights

So nothing much has been going on with me, I am like exactly the same, but rocking box braids lol. I had to get some done after seeing how ferosh Baddey Bey looked in them! bey But no one ever told me how heavy they are, especially this high bun, I have only rocked it once for 15 minutes. I am having a lot of fun with them though I must admit. Here is a cool youtube channel about great ideas on how to style box braids and make up tutorials. My friends achieved a lot this month, 2 of them moved out, 2 others bought new cars, 1 got a new job, another got married, I revel in their success and I am so proud and happy for them 🙂

April Downsides

My car just had issue after issue, le sigh. I need to work hard and by something from the showroom 🙂

April Discoveries

I am performing very poorly when it comes to life lol

What I Look Forward To In May

The arrival of 2 babies 🙂


How was April for you? and what are you looking forward to in May?


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