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I needed to share some amazing blogs I stumbled upon on the internet. Whenever you visit a blog, make sure you check out their blogrolls, they may lead you to even more awesomeness.

Meek – N – Mild

Shirley Eniang is a gorgeous blogger from the U.K. Her dress sense is spectacular, her make up is impeccable and she has great style tips and videos. Her facial features are unique to say the least, but I love how well she works with them, and brings out all her beautiful features.


She has numerous tutorials on her youtube page about hair, makeup and beauty. Check this one out below, a hair bun tutorial. What I loved about it is that it’s simple and doable for some of us without long thick hair.

Our Style Kenya

This is a blog by Joy Kendi, a Kenyan actress, famous for her role in Changing Times.

Picture 1

I really dig her style, it’s edgy and unique. She is beautiful and knows what clothes will bring out her strongest features. What I love the most about her is her accessories!  She has the most amazing collection of rings and necklaces, there is nothing I covet more than jewellery.

Picture 5 kendi


Gabby Fresh

Gabby is a fashion blogger from America who doesn’t stick to the the norm and completely ignores fashion rules. She is a beautiful plus sized blogger who is confident and does not suffer from body shame. What started out as a hobby for her is now a source of income as she gets sponsored by brands on her blog, and is covered in main stream fashion magazines, she is definitely an inspiration.


My afro and I

Aisha is a Tanzanian who currently resides in South Africa and her blog takes us through her natural hair journey. Her afro is gorgeous and inspiring, reading through her blog makes me want to cut my hair and grow it naturally.

I like her style, she takes amazing pictures too, but what I dig the most about her blog is her hair challenges. She did 30 hair accessories in 30 ways and now she is currently doing 30 days, 30 updos.  If you have natural hair, this is a brilliant source for inspiration on how to style your hair.

30 days 30 accessories 14


Attire Club


This is a blog for everyone, but it’s main focus fashion wise is men. It has cool handy tips like ‘How to wear a bow tie.’, ‘How to choose the right underwear.’ , and ‘How to shave.’. I encourage my few male readers to take a looksie, I am sure there is one or two things you can learn from here.



The Bantu Girl

Neema is a Kenyan girl living in America, I just read in one of her posts that she doesn’t consider herself as a fashion blogger, but I think she fits the bill but with some extra perks. She blogs about her life, her interests, prince charming, gluten free and healthy living. I learnt what gluten was from her blog, to be honest I had no idea Kenyans have such allergies, she is also allergic to coffee too, I cannot imagine how she lives.



I think Neema is gorgeous and photographs beautifully. I love how she always incorporates something African in her outfits.

Thought Catalog

Though Catalog is a collection of various articles by different writers. As the name suggests, the posts on there really give you food for thought on everyday issues like life, love, humor, music, careers, you need it, they’ve got it. Here are some of the articles which I loved:

  1. 23 ways to feel better instantly
  2. Why you shouldnt be so freaked out about your future.
  3. 11 responses to “Why are you single”
  4. 5 things I want girls to wear more of
  5. 10 things Facebook, Twitter and Instagram addicts fear
  6. How we criticise men Vs How we criticise women
  7. 9 Destiny’s Child Lyrics that belong in a self help book
  8. A close reading of 2 chainz lyrics
  9. Girls get friendzoned too, and it sucks
  10. Dont be the other woman
  11. Don’t write about the people you have loved

So make sure you take a second to check out these blogs. Happy Monday 🙂


3 thoughts on “Blog <3ing

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  2. Thanks for the mention!!! Ummm I’ve actually adjusted well to not having coffee in my life. I drink different kinds of tea – let’s just say a variety. And when I’m in Kenya, I shop at Healthy Yu, because they have tons of gluten free stuff {not cheap}, sooooo I usually end up eating ngwashes which I HEART dearly. lol. Thanks for reading 🙂

    • Your welcome, the world had to know how awesome your blog is 🙂 It’s good at least you have alternatives when you come home, albeit expensive ones.

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