The 20/20 Experience ~ Justin Timberlake


Justin Timberlake dazzled us with Future Sex /Love Sounds six years ago, an album which could best be described as eargasmic. I doubt there is anyone who didnt love every record on that album.

Then, come 2013, he dropped Suit and Tie as the debut song off his new album The 20/20 experience and some of us were left wondering why Justin was trying to sound like Robin Thicke. It was not the sound that we are accustomed to when it comes to Justin, and despite the fact that the song features Jayz still does not make it any more spectacular in my opinion. Even if i am a major jigga stan 

To be honest, Suit and Tie made me think that maybe Justin Timberlakes album would not match up to the success of his last album, then he dropped Mirrors which renewed my faith in his vocal prowess, and I stumbled upon a full album stream which JT was kind enough to share before his album drops, and I cannot stop listening to it!

Justin has teamed up with producer Timberland, and once again they have managed to create musical gold!  Just like in FSLS (Future Sex/Love Sounds) the songs features intros and outros which is like a bonus because you get the benefit of listening to two songs as one.

Pusher Love Girl

This song has a neo-soul feel to it, with a twinge of Southern flow. The song breaks out into an intro featuring Timberlands signature sounds, with JT spitting some lines.

Suit & Tie

I must admit, this song grew on me, so I do not hate it as much as I did at first. JayZ‘s rap is luck lustre in my opinion, but the song has a nice mellow feel to it.

Dont Hold The Wall

The song begins with a beautiful acappella, followed by some Arabic like, tribal instrumentals and beats. Justin’s vocals and Timberland’s beats are just magical, you can clearly see how awesome their collaborative work is.

Strawberry Bubblegum

This is my favourite song off this album. From the intro to the outro, the lyrics, the beats, nothing but amazing. I never pay attention to lyrics of songs, but this one definitely reached out to me.

‘Don’t ever change your flavour coz I love the taste’

He is basically telling some lucky woman somewhere that he loves her for who she is, and she shouldn’t change anything. Sigh, JT should have just married me!

The songs fades out into a soothing jazzy beat, as Justin serenades us with his sensational voice. Baby making music right here!

Tunnel Vision

It’s hard to miss Timberland’s ad libs in this song, and the harmony in the vocals is simply splendid.

Spaceship Coupe

JT puts the Rhythm in this blues, a lovely ballad with an impressive electric guitar solo towards the end of the song.

That Girl

The repetitive chorus tends to stick in your head, I do not mind the southern feel to the jam.

Let The Groove Get In

The compilation of all the instruments and the vocals is simply magnificent, and a joy to listen to. The outro, do not mess with Justin’s soprano, he hits all the right notes, and blends in perfectly with the acappella.


What’s not to love about this song? It speaks for itself, it is everything.

Blue Ocean Floor

This mellow tune gives you a greater appreciation for his voice, it’s so lovely and serene.



Given that I had the worst expectations for this album, I am pleasantly surprised and deeply in love with it. I give it an 8/10. I strongly recommend you read this track by track review and 20 things you need to know about the 20/20 experience to get a greater appreciation for this album.



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