This week in music

The video for Kelly Rowland’s new single Kisses Down Low is finally out, I love this song, and I like the vibrant colours in the video, she is so gorgeous! Those weaves though 0_o

Jada Grace is the new 13 year old sensation who has been taken under the wing of Redfoo formerly of LMFAO and is being mentored by Smoky Robinson. The little lady is a triple threat, she can sing, act and dance. She has an amazing voice, but I do not get why she is dressed like an 18 year old in her video. Kids should just remain as kids, adulthood aint fun yo!

This next video was released yesterday by Victoria Kimani, Bamboo and Kimya’s little sister. She is signed to Chocolate City, a Nigerian music label, and I love this song, so catchy. Is it just me or she looks like she had some work done on her face?

There is some controversy over Sean Kingston’s new song Beat It which features Chris Bown who sings the hook which says ‘beat it’, yeah the whole Rihanna beat down fiasco will follow him forever!! The joint is quite cool though.

I am absolutely tired of hearing Nicki Minaj’s songs on the radio, in the clubs urrghhhh. So when I heard she had a new song out, I expected the worst, but I am now pleasantly surprised.

T.I. featuring Pink is the song of the week on Homeboyz, it is such an amazing song! They better make a video for it!

I need to get my hands on T.I.’s new album, because so far I love everything I am hearing.

Have A Wicked Wednesday xoxo 🙂



OMG i just had to add these 2 videos because they were too awesome not to share.

This one is for one of my special readers, who I need to try these moves with in the club 🙂

and how good does Kendrick Lamar look in a suit and tie!!!

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