Thank God It’s Friday!!!!

It has been a 4 day week for some of us and the week has really dragged!!

I am excited about

not having school tomorrow, please let the rumours be true, I am dying to sleep in.

Today I Am Feeling

anxious, I am sure fellow Kenyans feel me on this -_-

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

I do not have a song at the moment, imagine! I have been looking for the names of the artists behind the saxophone covers of hits like Kukere, Lengoma et al, but I cannot find them 😦 If you know who does them, let me know on the comments section.

This Weekend I

will read and just chillax.

I am really craving

bacon, lots of it! I must go look for some tomorrow. I hate tumblr for giving me expectations of things I can never have, like these really thick slices of bacon *wipes drool*





I wish

they would just announce the winner already!

I hope

there will not be any violence, Kenyans need to maintain peace and accept the results.

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is


Have A Peaceful Friday lovers :-*


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