There is more to the internet than Twitter and Facebook, and you guys get to be the recipients of the cool things I discover on the web.

Check out the newly released trailer for the 3rd instalment of Hangover 3, when is memorial day?

Can you believe this is his wife?!!


And there is a second instalment of cloudy with a chance of meatballs \o/ check them out doing the Harlem Shake 🙂

Here are some other weird pairings, I call them weird because we expect the hollywood bombshells to hook up with the hunks, and vice versa, ok I am babbling, just look at these couples and be in the know.

XTINA madmen zach2

Another shocking discovery I stumbled upon on the internets are these stars who happened to be related!

The Skarsgards

The Skarsgards

Stellan Skarsgard is popularly known for his role in the movie Mama Mia, and his son Alexander is the very delicious Eric from True Blood.

The Mcarthy's

The McCarthy’s

Turns out Melissa and Jenny McCarthy are actually cousins!

Remember Lara Flynn Boyle? Look what she did to her face!!!



Rob Kardashian has really put on the pounds! Word is that him and his sister Khloe have joined The Game’s boot camp to loose weight, all the best to him.


Zooey Deschanel, the pretty star of the shoe New Girl is actually in a band called She & Him, check out one of their songs below.

Thank you for letting me entertain you 🙂


2 thoughts on “Trollololololololing

  1. You didn’t know about the Skarsgårds?! Waah Hangover 3 looks majorly entertaining I cant wait. Thank you for entertaining me 🙂

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