Feelings are for dentists

The Poetic Justice video by Kendrick is finally out, I think I need to lower my expectations for what videos should be like. Nonetheless this jam is still quite something.

Damn, I keep stumbling upon things on the internet which are distracting me  from writing what this post was about, but I need to write about these additional things too.

I am a massive fan of  Thought Catalog  it has the most amazing articles that actually give you a lot of food for thought, and they have like 10 posts a day.

Here are 2 articles I want to share, this and this. I regret reading the first article because I am currently the ‘they’ being referred to, which is not the easiest position to be in. The second article will help you gauge whether your weekend was a success or not. I spent my entire Sunday sleeping, then I woke up and continued sleeping again 🙂

Back to the main focus, feelings.

I do not know when I became this angry, resentful person when it comes to how I react to people’s actions. Okay, I know why, it is because people keep doing things which I think are not right, simply because I would never do the same things to them. As a result, I get mad, and I do not hesitate to show it, hence I end up doing not nice things as I came to learn this week.

Honestly, it is really draining catching feelings over such things, I am actually quite tired and ready for a mindset change.

I am the only me, so people will not do things that I would do, because they are not me. People are different, and they will not magically change simply because I got mad, and told them the reason I was angry at them, and hoped that the fact that I got mad would stop them from repeating the same offence again. So now I am accepting people for the way they are, and for their actions. This does not mean I will condone their actions, this just means that I will not take it personally, but instead try and learn from the experience, and find ways not to allow it to happen to me again.

I know now that their actions may not necessarily be malicious, but I always hope that people would at least think about how their actions affect others. I do that a lot, think of the consequences of what I do or say, maybe too much, but like I said before, people are different.

Will I still go out of my way for people when they do not seem to extend the same courtesy to me? Probably not, which may be a tad bit difficult, but I think I would much rather deal with guilt than anger which will make me do or say things that I will regret which will lead to even more guilt if you catch my drift.

Basically, I do not wanna be bothered by the little things that tick me off, I want to react more calmly to situations and not let them get to me. I need to use up that energy for funner, happier things instead.





2 thoughts on “Feelings are for dentists

  1. Gosh!! I think we are very alike… I catch feelings over something someone did and then I over-analyse the situation.. But recently I came to realize that probably whatever I’m angry at is not even on the other person’s radar 🙂 And then it annoys me even more :p

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