Spotlight on Kenyan Music

That was the amazing voice of this lady known as Sage. I had heard of her before, when she was performing at blankets and wine, but to be honest, she never wowed me then. I guess it was because I had never heard of her, and nothing she sang appealed to me.

Then I heard the jam below and was totally wowed by her vocal prowess, she sounds phenomenal, and I cannot wait to hear more music from her.

You know those sings which you listen to for the first time and love them immediately? That was my first reaction to Dutch, by Fena ft Kagwe Mungai and Toshi. This song is such a pleasure to listen to and everyone can definitely relate to it, it’s my current ring tone.

I am definitely happy that Kenyan artists are upping their game when it comes to the quality of their videos and original concepts, I am so tired of seeing music videos shot in clubs *yawn*. Jay A definitely put in a lot of effort in securing  this  location, costumes and props, with a proper story line.

I am not a fan of Ogopalets, most of the female artists in this label rarely exhibit any musical talent I am sorry to say. Avril has definitely changed my mind about this notion with her new song hakuna yule, she sounds really good.

Who remembers the group XYZee and how crazy girls were about them back in high school? Lexxy came out with a new song, to be honest, I expected it to be wack, but I am pleasantly surprised, it is actually very nice, see for yourself.

I have no idea who sang this song, but I am assuming she is Kenyan and it features Bamboo, produced by Taurus Musik

Nowadays, everyone thinks they can sing, Rachel Marete, former beauty queen wasn’t one to be left behind. You have to give it up to her for fighting to remain relevant. She had her own ten minute fix like show in the States targeting Kenyan diasporans, plus she also vied to become a 106 & Park show host and lost, no surprise there. She released her new single Kelele this year, and I like it, the song has a nice catchy tune, and this is an unbiased opinion coming from someone who loves to hate. She has a banging body though, but those men and all the oil -_-

This next song goes to show that mediocrity sells, nyenyenyenye tutawachapa na slippers, FIMBO CHAPA #enoughsaid

Here’s another jam bound to be a club banger

I saw this Kanja dude on Saturday, dude walks around with some big chains, zile za kufunga gate lol ok, maybe I am exaggerating a bit much, but dang those things were huge. This young cat is making moves in the entertainment industry, definitely looking forward to hearing more music from him. Here is a jam that has not gotten as much airplay that I stumbled upon on his youtube page which I dug.

Hope you enjoyed this musical journey through Kenya 🙂


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