Mindless Monday Banter



What do you see when you look at this picture? No, this isn’t a trick question, I just want to pick your minds. The first time I downloaded it, it seemed to make sense, but now I have no idea. The apple is half eaten but when it looks at itself, it looks whole? Does it mean that though we are imperfect we should accept our imperfections as our own form of beauty?



Life right now is just fine, but I have to hold on to this believe that something wonderful is about to happen, well because there has to be more to life (if you know the song you can complete this sentence).



Ever done something that scared you or freaked you out, that leaves you wondering what you were so afraid of in the first place? There really is nothing to fear but fear itself, as cliche as it may sound.



I keep being told my thirst is showing, but you know what, I really dont care :p  Sadly it isn’t getting quenched -_-


What’s your flavour?


Something else to ponder about this dreary Monday afternoon. What is up with this Nairobi heat? Especially at night, it is so freaking hot!!

Pictures like this make me happy about being an only child, I present to you Ashton Kutcher’s twin brother



check out other celebrities with twins that we did not know about here.



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