How to survive Valentines Day


This is a guide on how you and me can survive single awareness day aka Valentines day without a hitch. I think I have gotten accustomed to hating on this day so much, I wonder what my sentiments will be once I get a significant other, and God forbid he is into the whole hullabaloo.


I actually do not mind not having a Valentine, I already know I am loved, why choose to shower me with affection on just this one day? Can’t you treat me like a queen every damn day? This is the issue that I have with this day, for me Valentines day will just be a regular Thursday.



Sadly, that is precisely what I do on the daily, but everyone else will be dressed in read gag and receiving gifts and ish all over you. Remember not to let your green eyed monster out, instead, be happy for everyone who is ‘privileged’ enough to have a valentine. You never know, they may decide to share their chocolates with you 🙂 I used to be dressed in all black on valentines when I was in uni, but I am more mature now. I think I will wear blue or something just to stand out.

If you are single and still want a reason to celebrate or show someone love, I can guarantee you that all the girls you know named Valentine are celebrating their birthdays on this day. Quote me if you would like. So grab that opportunity to get free cake, get someone a gift, and better yet, have fun by sharing in the joy of Valentine’s birthday celebration.

Never forget that cupid’s day is not only about people in relationships, show some love to the people who you care about, I am sure they will really appreciate it, and will come as a wonderful surprise.


If there is someone who you have been eyeing, and you would really like them to be your Valentine, don’t worry, I gatchu 🙂 Just send them one of these amazing cards, I guarantee you they will ingia that box so hard :p

vals vals6 vals7 vals8

Let me know what they think of the cards once you send them, if it doesn’t work, sorry honey, it was not meant to be.

If you know you have a Valentine and you are reading this, please do not floss for other people who have none lol Be nice 🙂


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