And the mid-life crisis begins…



Tick Tock! Tick Tock! Goes the biological clock!

Today I crossed over to my late twenties, and I will not lie, I am sooooo freaked out! Old age is kinda one of my phobias, I wanna be forever young. Let us hope I keep looking youthful lol

I am of course, extremely thankful to the Lord almighty for bringing me this far, and for granting me yet another year on this earth, I do not take it for granted at all. I can only pray that I live up to God’s expectations and fulfil his plans for me.



For once I sort of have an idea about what I want to achieve this year, I pray God will guide me through this. Top on my agenda is to go back to school, I started off 2013 in a panic because I was turning 26 and all I had was a simple degree, and that if I did not get off my behind I will be those people pursuing further studies in my thirties -_-.  I think what freaks me out the most about ageing is that I am passing the age where I will be recognised for doing something dynamic at a tender age, this year I must make it big one way or the other.


I can’t help but think of past birthdays, I have had some amazing days, amazing parties, amazing prezzies and most of all, this is the one day I get to feel extremely loved, I totally revel in it! Nothing beats this ‘It’s my birthday’ feeling, it cannot be imitated even if you wanted to.

So today, I am thankful for the gift of life, and God’s abundant blessings. Let us hope this birthday week will end with nothing but joy and happiness 🙂





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