Friends is that one sitcom which never gets old, I think I have watched the entire series twice already. This is my third time and I am just about to finish season 6. friends I honestly cannot get enough of them, I also cannot pick which character is my favourite. Every time I watch this show I wish I could be their friend, and yet I also find traits of my friends in them.

I see Joey in some boys and girls that I know. Two of my male friends are total beef cakes and really do not have any problem when it comes to picking up chics. Some girls I know myself included have our blonde moments, some more than others :p

Some of my friends like to be neat and tidy like Monica, of course they are not as anal about it as she is, but they fit in this category because they give a damn about it, and i do not 🙂

I know many Rachels, girly girls who are into fashion, shopping and of course pretty men 🙂

Chandler, he really reminds me of my late cousin, the way he smiled. I think that is why I have a soft spot for Chandler, but is it possible to find anyone in the real world who has a similar character to him?

Ross is a special one as well, okay the longer I write this post, the more I realise that my friends are not like friends characters. But still i did recognise some of the good traits in them which makes me value their friendships.

Moral of the story, friends are cool.




This post so did not come out like I envisioned lol


2 thoughts on “.F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

    • were you just sitting there waiting for this post? lol i thought my friends had a lot in common with the friends characters, turns out they dont
      (I still love you my friends)

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